Tagore: The wisdom master

Rabindranath Tagore with some of his followers in 1925 (© Wikimedia)

In 1913, the Nobel Prize for Literature was awarded to Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941). It was the first time the prize was given to an Asian writer. But Tagore was more than a poet. He wrote numerous novels, short stories and plays. He composed over two thousand songs, including the national anthem of India. He was a philosopher, an educator, an activist, and he influenced such important figures as Gandhi and Einstein. Late in his life, he became a respected painter. But sixty years after his death, the most creative genius of the Indian Renaissance is little known outside his own country. ‘Tagore- The Wisdom Master’ looks into the life and work of this “myriad-minded man” whose ideas still have great relevance for today’s world.

Producer: David Swatling

Broadcast: March 21, 2003