Operation Vula: a secret Dutch network against apartheid

This award-winning programme focuses on a secret operation involving the Netherlands Anti-Apartheid Movement, the AABN, during Nelson Mandela’s imprisonment and the apartheid years in South Africa. The AABN and the […]

The road to justice

The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia was set up in 1993 in The Hague to bring to trial those responsible for atrocities committed during the conflict in the […]

Pete Myers interviews Juliette Gréco

(© Wikipedia) In this edition of the BBC’s programme “PM”, Pete Myers introduces us to the great French chanson singer Juliette Gréco. From singing in the streets as a child, […]

Barrier enclosing the Gaza Strip

A prison within a prison

When one thinks of prison islands many names spring to mind – Devil’s Island, Robben Island, Alcatraz Island, to name a few. Gaza may not be an island or a […]

Hello! Human Rights

The State We’re In – Human rights defenders

This edition of The State We’re, a weekly programme on “human rights, human wrongs and how we treat each other”, features human rights defenders from across the globe, including Umida […]

FelixMeritis Building in Amsterdam

Felix Meritis

Felix Meritis is one of the Netherlands most remarkable and important historical buildings. Lying on one of the grandest canals in Amsterdam, it has been the centre of the Dutch […]