The_Nightwatch_by_Rembrandt, 1642

The Rijksmuseum: Home of “The Nightwatch”

The ornate present-day building of the Rijksmuseum, or Dutch National Gallery, is a major tourist attraction in the middle of Amsterdam’s museum quarter erected at the expanding 19th-century edge of […]

Ntarama Church Genocide Memorial

Burying the machete in Rwanda

Seven months after the 1994 genocide, most Rwandans were still struggling to come to terms with the slaughter of nearly a million of their compatriots. How does a society cope […]

Heavenly Stories: Bollywood Dreams

India literature produced the single longest poem in history, the great epic Mahabarata. Today the ancient story-telling and poetry recital traditions of India live on in “Bollywood”, the world’s biggest […]

Piet Mondrian

While some people are simply reminded of handkerchief designs at the sight of a canvas by the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian (1872-1944), there is no doubt that he was one […]

Goddess of the Netherlands: Belle van Zuylen

  Isabelle Agneta Elisabeth van Tuyll van Serooskerken (1740-1805) was her full name at birth, an impressive enough name on its own. She came to be known as simply Belle […]

Microchips Yes, Potato Chips No

India relaxed its laws on foreign investments in 1991 and opened its doors to market liberalization. By the time this programme was made a few years later, India was being […]

The Angst Behind Our Urban Myths

Now if you live in the Far North and you think you’ve spotted a polar bear rummaging through your trash, or a moose wandering around your back yard, or even […]