Highlands & Lowlands: Tales from the border (in Limburg)

Canne Castle in southern Limburg (© Bert Kaufmann)

The people of the Dutch province of Limburg are true Europeans. They live in a narrow strip of land sandwiched between Belgium and Germany, and this mix of the three cultures is clearly reflected in their dialects and attitudes. In other parts of Europe, there are fears that further integration will mean the loss of culture and identity. But the people of this border region are perhaps a model for the rest of the Union of how to be true citizens of the new Europe, people for whom the border no longer really exists.

“Highlands & Lowlands”: a comparative, six-part co-production from Radio Netherlands and BBC Scotland, looking a the lifestyles, histories, frontiers and languages of contemporary Holland and Scotland. 

Producer: Maggie Ayre

Broadcast: November 1996