Highlands & Lowlands: Highlands – Terschelling

Terschelling (© mi chiel)

The Frisian island of Terschelling remains one of the Netherlands’ last wild nature reserves, with mile upon mile of deserted beaches and sand dunes. Once gloriously isolated, with islanders going to the mainland looking for work at the start of this century, Terschelling now finds the mainlanders coming to them as their tourist culture thrives. Despite this new-found openness, that precarious and delicate balance between profit and the preservation of nature and, of course, their unique island culture, has been maintained. Radio Netherlands’ Maggie Ayre presents a rare look into one of the world’s most peerless places. 

“Highlands & Lowlands”: a comparative, six-part co-production from Radio Netherlands and BBC Scotland, looking a the lifestyles, histories, frontiers and languages of contemporary Holland and Scotland. 

Producer: Maggie Ayre

Broadcast: November 1996