Classic Dutch: The Netherlands Wind Ensemble

Netherlands Wind Ensemble New Year’s Concert 2019 (©

“Classic Dutch” is a panorama of classical music, composed or performed in the Netherlands through the centuries. Most of the music in this series was selected from among the huge wealth of recordings made by Radio Netherlands’ own Music Department. In each programme, presenter Hélène Michaud speaks with a guest conductor, composer or music performer.

This programme features performances by the Netherlands Wind Ensemble of the music of Monteverdi, Beethoven and Janacek, which all sound safe enough. However, the Netherlands Wind Ensemble is noted for its adventurous, humorous, even a little bit naughty approach to classical music—performing with non-classical musicians, with and for children at times, and with avant-garde artists like Czech-born Iva Bittova, as you can hear in this programme. The studio guest is oboist and artistic director Bart Schneemann.

Produced and presented by Hélène Michaud.

Broadcast on November 8, 2002.