Classic Dutch: Peter Van Onna

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Vincent van Gogh Wheat Field with Lark, 1887 (Van Gogh Museum,  Amsterdam)

“Classic Dutch” is a panorama of classical music composed or performed in the Netherlands through the centuries. Most of the music in this series was selected from among the huge wealth of recordings made by Radio Netherlands’ own Music Department. In each programme, presenter Hélène Michaud speaks with a guest conductor, composer or music performer.

Peter van Onna (b. 1966) started composing almost as soon as he picked up the guitar as a teenager. He studied music with renowned Dutch composers Louis Andriessen and Theo Loevendie. Drawn to art from a young age, he began in 1993 to compose a series of musical works inspired by the paintings of great artists: Dali, Mondrian, Turner, Monet, Hopper. In this programme, for example, he explains how he went about composing a beautiful piece inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s “Wheat Field with Lark”.

Produced and presented by Hélène Michaud.

First broadcast on January 3, 2003.

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