Yours Anne, love Zlata: Diaries of two young girls

Henriette Browne, A Girl Writing (© Victoria & Albert Museum)

This is the story of two girls who kept diaries. One is Anne Frank, who lived in hiding in Amsterdam during the Nazi occupation. The other is Zlata Filipović, who was about ten years old when she first was deeply moved by Anne Frank’s world-famous diary. She read the diary in her native Serbo-Croat, one of over fifty languages in which the diary has been published. Little did Zlata know at the time that she too would one day also write a war diary, for in 1991 her city, Sarajevo, became a hot spot in the conflict that engulfed the former Yugoslavia.

Producers: David Swatling & Robert Chesal

Broadcast: June 1,1994

The documentary was a finalist at the New York Radio Festival in 1995.