Sólheimar: A place in the sun

Sólheimar (© Frederic in Iceland)

At an hour’s drive from the Icelandic capital Reykjavik lies the village of Sólheimar in a valley amidst hot springs. That in itself doesn’t make this town stand out, yet Sólheimar is a special place with special people. The community was founded 75 years ago by an idealistic Icelandic woman, Sesselja Sigmundsdottir (1902-1974), a follower of the anthroposophist Rudolf Steiner.

Today, Sólheimar is a so-called eco-village. It’s pretty much self-supporting, with organic farming and a hot spring that provides thermal energy. But most importantly, it’s a community where mentally disabled persons live and work together with people without a handicap.

Producer: Laura Durnford

Broadcast: November 8, 2005