Laura Durnford

Laura Durnford – 3

Dealing with everything from medicine and astronomy to engineering and the environment, Laura Durnford produced or co-produced a number of award-winning editions of the weekly ‘Research File’ science programme. She not only produced and presented magazine-style editions of the show during her nine-year stint at Radio Netherlands, Laura also came up with innovative and thought-provoking documentaries and topical programmes from far-flung locations on a wide-range of other subjects.

Scientific research has always been Laura’s primary area of focus, following an honours degree in biology and a Masters Degree in science communication. Before moving to the Netherlands from the UK, she spent three years at the BBC World Service Science Unit and independent radio production companies in London.

Since leaving Radio Netherlands, Laura has been working as a communications professional in international, multi-stakeholder projects and virtual teams that support technological developments and collaboration in research and education.