Media wars: Radio propaganda past and present, Part 6 – Who’s listening anyway?

This programme is part of the series Media Wars: Radio Propaganda Past and Present
Deutschlandfunk building in Berlin (© Wikipedia/Andreas von der Au)

When this final programme in our series on radio propaganda was produced in 1982, we were probably at the height of the popularity of international radio broadcasting and the Cold War was still very much alive. This edition contains the voice of Bernard Bumpus, who was head of audience research at the BBC External Services. Gerard Mansell (1921-2010), then the Managing Director of BBC World Service, points out that the French external service had big plans for expansion by 1985. We also hear from the late Nevil Gray who worked for Deutschlandfunk in Cologne before joining Radio Netherlands. He recounts a tale of how a programme he made for DLF was taken off the air and rebroadcast by East Germany, but then out of context.

Producer: Jonathan Marks

Broadcast: May 24, 1982

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