A tribute to Jonathan Marks

Jonathan Marks, Head of RNW English Department, 1995 (© Jonathan Marks)

This is the audio tribute colleagues and friends made for Jonathan Marks when he ended his career of over 20 years at Radio  Netherlands in 2003. He made a deep impact during those years. When Jonathan came to Radio Netherlands from England in 1980, he immediately transformed the weekly “DX Jukebox” programme into a cult among DXers and shortwave afficionados around the world. He then went on to produce “Media Network“, which had a broader communications focus and ran from 1980 to 2000. 

Jonathan became the head of Radio Netherlands’ English Department in 1991 and served as Director of Programmes until 2003. Today he is a media advisor, speaker and workshop leader in the area of media communications and “innovation in the orchestra of change”. 

Presenter: Ginger da Silva

Producer: Luc Lucas

Broadcast: October 28, 2003

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