Brief Encounters: Pete Myers’ diaries, Part 2

Pete Myers

As a young rising radio star at the BBC, Pete Myers interviewed some of the most memorable people in the entertainment world of his time. He decided in 1972 to keep a record of his impressions of these “brief encounters” in a personal diary. Many years and many diary volumes later, Pete recorded his memories in three programmes for Radio Netherlands, offering quite a few surprising insights into some of the icons of the 1970’s.
Part 2: Crossing paths with Ingred Bergman was one of Pete’s most unforgettable radio experiences, and he warmly recalls his many encounters with great African Americans:  Duke Ellington, Stevie Wonder, Malcolm X biographer professor Alex Haley, Bobby Womack and Jimi Hendrix.

Produced and presented by Pete Myers

Broadcast/production: August 6, 1990