The Friday Report (1983)

Dutch Prime Minister Ruud Lubbers, 1985 (© Rob C. Croes/Anefo)


This is one of the few surviving copies of a weekly magazine programme on the Netherlands, broadcast in the 1980’s. In this end-of-year edition, presented by Barry O’Dwyer, five prominent Dutch men and women are asked to give their high point of the year, plus a piece of their favourite music.

The guests are:

1. Henk Lichtenveld, director of the ANP, the Dutch news agency
2. Wim Duisenberg (1935-2005), president of the Dutch Central Bank
3. Lien Vos, mayor of Utrecht
4. Ina Brouwer, leader of the Dutch Communist Party
5. Ruud Lubbers, Dutch prime minister

Producer: Barry O’Dwyer

Broadcast: December 20, 1983