Images highlights 1988/1989: Part 2 of 2

RNW arts producer Nevil Gray
RNW arts producer Nevil Gray

These are excerpts from the cultural magazine programme “Images”, produced by Nevil Gray.

  1. John Eliot Gardiner, conductor of the English baroque soloists on how to play Mozart

  2. Françoise Gilot (Picasso’s ex-wife) talks about her book Matisse and Picasso (18.06.1991)

  3. Jan-Jaap Haspels (1940-2016), director of Museum van Speelklok tot Pierement in Utreht talks abou the museum’s collection, plus the exhibition “A Barrel Organ for the Duke”.

  4. The Emma Goldman Players and the Puppeteers of Extacy – 4 young Americans who put on a revue of comedy, satire, music about America’s obsession with pornography, AIDS and gay rights. (30.04.1991)

  5. Interview with American author Bruce Duffy about his bestseller “The World as I found it”, about Wittgenstein/Bertrand Russel, G.E. Moore (23.04.1991)

  6. Film financier Frans Afman (1933-2011) of the Crédit Lyon Bank in Holland about financing Hollywood films, including “Dances with Wolves”, “Platoon”, “Superman” and “The Name of the Rose” (24.04.1991)