Andorran diary

Andorran capital (© Mariano Mantel)

On the border between France and Spain and surrounded by the majestic Pyrenees mountains lies the thousand-year-old Principality of Andorra. With a population of just 65,000 and only 468 square kilometres small, the country of Andorra remains something of an unknown quantity, even for most Europeans.

It was admitted to the United Nations in 1993 as a sovereign state, yet it still answers to the co-princes of the French presidency and the Spanish Bishop of Urgel, just as it has for the past 713 years.

But this strange and ancient arrangement begs many questions. How does it fit into the structure of the European Union? The Council of Europe? Is it independent or isn’t it? These are some of the questions that Jonathan Groubert asks as he travels to one of the hidden treasures of Europe.

Producer: Jonathan Groubert

Broadcast: 1997