A boat trip through Borneo

Orangutan in Borneo (© Flickr/Wee Sen Goh)

In October 2004, the Sebangau area of Kalimantan, in the Indonesian part of Borneo was declared a national park. The region is a very dense, almost impenetrable swamp forest, and it is also the only area of tropical peat swamp forest in the world. Yet wildlife habitat of Borneo has recently been cited as one of the top five most endangered places on Earth.

The World Wildlife Fund, together with many other international conservation organisations, is leading a campaign called the “Heart of Borneo” to try and stop the various threats – logging, the illegal pet-trade in orangutans and other creatures, and the drainage of this unique area – and help the local people find alternative livelihoods. Anne Blair Gould takes a boat journey around the area and visits a village Aloe vera growing project, meets orphan orangutan babies in a rehabilitation centre and meets “Beethoven” a large wild male orangutan.

Producer: Anne Blair Gould

Broadcast: October 13, 2005