Zambian President Kenneth Kaunda visits the Netherlands

Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands presents Zambia’s president Kenneth Kaunda with the Order of the Golden Ark- June 15, 1977 (© Wikimedia Commons)

Zambia, once known as Northern Rhodesia, was fused with Southern Rhodesia and Nyasaland in 1953 and gained complete independence in 1964. The country’s first president, the father of Zambian humanism, was Kenneth Kaunda, founder of the United National Independence Party. This press conference was held on the occasion of the president’s visit to the Netherlands in 1986.

Broadcast: September 12, 1978

This documentary contains linking texts in Dutch in addition to historic sound, music and speeches from Zambia and an interview in English with President Kaunda at his home. The programme was broadcast in December 1976.