VIP Lounge: Economist Jan Tinbergen

This programme is part of the series VIP Lounge
Jan Tinbergen in 1982 (© Wikimedia)

VIP Lounge was a series of portraits produced in the late 1980’s of well-known Dutch people who gained international fame for their professional achievements. In 1969, the Dutch mathematician and economist Jan Tinbergen (1903-1994) became the first scholar to be awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. He is now considered to be one of the most influential economists of the 20th century for his research on dynamic and macroeconomic models. In addition to his pioneering work in econometrics, Professor Tinbergen is remembered for the political and social implications of his analyses and his contribution to the discussion about income distribution. According to his “Tinbergen model”, a society can only tolerate a certain maximum ratio between the highest and the lowest incomes before things start to fall apart.

Producer: Marijke van der Meer

Broadcast: January 1, 1987 

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