Toilets in India

Open defecation in India (© WikiCommons/SuSanA Secretariat)

Bombay is India’s most cosmopolitan city. Its sheer scope, hustle and bustle, its mass of human can overwhelm. On a taxi ride to the city, chances are, you will be greeted by the sight of a row of bare backsides lined up on the roads leading from the airport to the city.

Only 13% of India’s 950 million people have access to any kind of sanitation facilities at all. So usually one’s only chance of finding a clean toilet is in the home of a middle or upper-class person or in a five-star hotel. And God help the helpless tourist with a case of Delhi-belly or literally nowhere to go.

Radio Netherlands’ documentary-maker extraordinaire, Dheera Sujan, goes where no doco-maker has gone before and looks at toilets in India, or the lack thereof, and the reasons and the remedies to come.

Producer: Dheera Sujan

Broadcast: November 14, 1997