Titanic: A 20th century parable

RMS Titanic departing from Southampton, April 1912 (© Wikipedia)

The sinking of the luxury ocean liner RMS Titanic on her maiden voyage in 1912 continues to fascinate people. The loss of over 1,500 lives made it one of the greatest peacetime maritime disasters in history. In this programme, we look at the uncanny combination of circumstances and coincidences that led to a tragedy that did not have to happen and what that says about the use and misuse of technology, false priorities and human hubris. A story that has not lost its relevance to this day.

The speakers include Walter Lord (1917-2002), author of “A Night to Remember”, oceanographer Robert Ballard, whose Franco-American team found the wreck in 1985, and Eva Hart (1906-1996), who was an 8-year-old child on board the ship the night of the sinking.

Producer: Marijke van der Meer

Broadcast: June 7, 1996