The tent: Inuit nomads in the 21st century

A site where Inuit once had a camp.The ring of large stones indicate where a tent once stood overlooking Tarr Inlet. (© Flickr/Fiona Paton)

For centuries the Inuit in northern Canada lived as nomadic hunters following the migrations of sea mammals and caribou. It was only three generations ago that many began to settle in communities along the coast of the Arctic archipelago. Naqi Ehko was one of them. When she arrived in the town of Iqaluit, it was as if she had entered a new world. Her daughter and granddaughter grew up in this southern-world and now work nine-to-five jobs in modern offices. But every year, for a few weeks they take their home-made tent and return to the land. Our documentary is about Naqi, Mary and Naomi and their tent.

Producer: Michele Ernsting

Broadcast: September 19, 2001