Fences: Fencing off Australia, Part 1 of 4

Dingo Fence in Australia
Dingo Fence in Australia (© Flickr/Kevin Trotman)

The Sound Fountain, a weekly documentary program produced by Dheera Sujan and Michele Ernsting, produced four different stories in 2000 about various fences that mark us off from our inner and outer landscape. In this part of the series, Dheera Sujan brings us “Fencing Off Australia”.

Fences stood at the beginning of Australian history: dividing convicts from free settlers, Aboriginal from white and tame animals from wild. Species jumped the fences and created plagues that devastated the country. Fences still run across the heart of Australia, across its unmatchable landscape and through the minds of its people – protecting the country but also dividing it.

 Produced by Dheera Sujan

First broadcast November 26, 2000 .