Food philosophies: Food obsessions, Part 3

Durian, a fruit known to start fights on buses and airplanes because of its smell, but insanely lusted after by others– one of the great food obsessions of Asia (© Flickr/Duy-Thuong)

The Sound Fountain series on food philosophies examines our attitudes to our food and our bodies. In this programme, three women — Sharon, Vicky and Tracy — tell of their phobias and eating disorders, including bulimia, and storyteller Eleanor Benjamin narrates her own version of “The Princess and the Catskins”.

The Sound Fountain — a torrent of ideas from award-winning documentary producers Michele Ernsting and Dheera Sujan — covers Interesting topics, approached in an unusual way. Sound montage, esoteric and tangential conversations, inner musings and atmospheric music all add up to sound surprises!

Producers: Michele Ernsting & Dheera Sujan

Broadcast on September 15, 2000.