The Human Be-In: The hippies

Mounted policemen watch a Vietnam War protest march in San Francisco, April 15, 1967 (© Wikimedia/George Garrigues)

In 1967, a huge outdoor event in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco marked the official beginning of the hippy movement. It was called the ‘Human Be In’. It attracted the focus of world media and signalled a counter-cultural revolution in America. The grey post-war Eisenhower years spawned the philosophy of long hair, pot smoking and flower power. They soon became known as the ‘love generation’, young souls who believed in free love, peace, compassion and the unity of mankind.

Join Neville Powis as he traces events leading up to the 1967 ‘Human Be In’ and beyond, events that were nothing less than the emerging soul of a nation. Celebration was in the air in the epoch of sexual, mental and social liberation called the hippy revolution.

Producer: Neville Powis

Broadcast: March 7, 2003