Research File: A real Vermeer?, twins and genetics and more

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Young woman at the virginals

A smorgasborg of science subjects in this week’s edition of the Research File:

  • ACT’s – Automatically Controlled Trucks
    An interview with Dr. Mesut Tabibi of Delft TU on automated trucks and how they can help fight traffic congestion
  • Bubbles in the blood
    Tiny bubbles in the bloodstream may be used for transporting medication. An interview with Dr. Michiel Postema.
  • Almost real Vermeer
    An interview with Dr. Joris Dik of Delft TU on Vermeer’s painting “Young woman at the Virginals” and how his research unveiled some of the mystery surrounding the painting
  • 8000 twins for genetic research 
    An interview with Dr. Gonneke Willemsen on her work at the NTR, the National Twin Register
  • Silencing freight trains
    Report about a clever new braking system for freight trains which make them a lot quieter with Peter Pos of Nedtrain. 

Producer: Thijs Westerbeek van Eerten

Broadcast: October 4, 2004


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