World Water Day

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  • Dam Busting: How? Why? Who Benefits? Thijs Westerbeek with Dr. Jack Schroeder, University of Nebraska, Omaka; Dr. Michelle Marvier, Santa Clara University, California; Dr. Peter Kareeva, United States Nature Conservancy Organisation; Dr. Gordan Grant, Forest Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • Knight or Knave? The European Water Framework Directive: Laura Durnford feature with Dr. Penny Johnes, Reader in Freshwater Science, University of Reading, Professor Brian Moss, Professor of Botany, University of Liverpool; Dr. Roger Sweeting, Chief Executive, Freshwater Biological Association, UK
  • Lake of Superlatives Under Threat: Jean Kratzer reports on Siberia’s Lake Baikal with Jenny Sutton of Baikal Environmental Wave (NGO) & Dr. Maxim Timofeev, Biology Faculty, Irkutsk University

Producer: Laura Durnford

Broadcast: March 20, 2003