Research File special: Threats to the coral reefs

Coral Reef, Point Defiance Zoo, Tacoma, Washington State (© Greg Goebel)

Sun, fun and snorkeling among the beauties of the sea is what we would like to associate with coral reefs. But disease, bleaching and unsustainable fishing practices are destroying the Earth’s coral reefs. What can be done to prevent this destruction and why should we even care? There is more at stake than we can imagine.


  • Dr. Joanie Kleypas: US National Centre for Atmospheric Reserach, Boulder, Colorado, USA
  • Dr. Terry Done: leading scientist, Australian Institute of Marine Science, Queensland, Australia
  • Dr. Richard Aronson: Senior Marine Scientist, Dauphin Island Sea Laboratory, Alabama, USA
  • James Cervino: Coral Health Physiologist, University of South Carolina, USA

Producer: Laura Durnford

Broadcast: August 13, 2004