Research File: Life after death and near-death experiences from a scientific point of view

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Heronymus Bosch-Ascent of the Blessed, c. 1500

In this edition of our weekly science magazine Research File, we speak with two scientists who have studied what might really be happening when we die, or at least are brain dead: Dr. Susan Blackmore, author of “Dying to Live”, and Dr. Jeffrey Iverson, author of “In Search of the Dead”, discuss the out-of-body experience and the well-documented vision of the light at the end of the tunnel. Is it all purely physiological? Or do we have an existence beyond the sensual world?

We begin the programme with a report about the perennial challenge facing scientists, in Britain for example, who need to explain the importance of what they are doing to the ministers who finance their research.  How, for example, to convince the people with money how worthwhile it is to explain the Higgs Boson and the beginnings of the universe?

Producers: Anne Blair-Gould & Doug Crawford

Broadcast: September 20, 1993

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