André Kuipers: The second Dutch man in space

André Kuipers (© NASA Johnson)

In 2004 André Kuipers became Holland’s second person in space, when he travelled to the International Space Station with fellow astronauts from Russia and the United States. Shortly before the launch from Baikonur, Liesbeth de Bakker went to the Russian Cosmonaut Training Facilities in Star City near Moscow to speak with Kuipers and other members of the team about all the preparations for their exciting mission.

  • André Kuipers: Dutch ESA astronaut, Noordwijk, Netherlands
  • Ron Huijser, Project leader, Dutch Space, Leiden, Netherlands
  • Garmt Grommers, Project leader, Dutch Space, Leiden, Netherlands
  • Alexander Padolsky, Military officer and psychologist, Star City, Russia

Producer: Laura Durnford

Reporter: Liesbeth de Bakker

Broadcast: April 16, 2004