Research File Special: the 14th AIDS conference

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World against AIDS

When the 14th AIDS Conference was held in Barcelona, the battle against HIV was in what was described as the “good-wish-list” phase. There were many arguments for and against what the priorities should be: Prevention? A vaccine? Meanwhile, 14,000 people a day were being infected by the deadly disease, leaving households without parents or income, especially in Africa.

Contributing speakers:

  • Joep Lange: president-elect of the AIDS Conference in Barcelona and professor of medicine at the Academic Medical Centre, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Jaap Goudsmit: professor in poverty-related communicable diseases at the AMC, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Peter Piot: Head of UN/AIDS, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Geert Haverman: Treatment Access Alliance, Sub-Subharan  Africa
  • Bernard Swartlaender: economist, AIDS 

Producer: Liesbeth de Bakker

Broadcast: July 20, 2002

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