Research File: Science and sports – Part 3 of 5

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Start swimming race (© Flickr/JD Lasica)

In part three of a series on science and society, Liesbeth de Bakker examines the influence science has had on sports. At one time, talent was the main determining factor in performance. As sport became more important – socially, politically and economically – other factors started to play a role: better equipment and facilities, more scientific training methods and, of course, drugs.

Guests include:
Harm Kuipers, professor of movement sciences at Maastricht University
Leo Velthuis, associate professor in Aerodynamics, Delft University
Trynke van der Spek, curator at the Boerhaave Museum at the History of Science, Leiden

Producer: Liesbeth de Bakker

Broadcast: November 9, 2002

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