Research File: Science and food – Part 2 of 5

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Design for the new building of the RIVM which is responsible for, among other things, food safety in the Netherlands

In part two of science and society, Anne Blair Gould examines the relationship between science and food. From food safety, how to make our food richer in micronutrients, which are essential to our diet, functional foods (foods with pharmaceutical properties) and the role of genetic engineering in all of this.

– Dr. Harmen Hofstra, Director of Food Safety at TNO
– Dr. Harry Kuiper, head of the department of food safety at RIKILT
– Professor Gert-Jan Schaafsma and Professor Clive West of Wageningen University
– Per Pinstrup-Andersen of the International Food Policy and Research Institute in Washington, D.C.

Producer: Anne Blair Gould

Broadcast: November 9, 2001

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