Remembering the Second World War in the Netherlands: Historical sound from the 1950’s – Part 6, “Ten years of freedom”

Locals and Canadian liberators in Friesland on Liberation Day (© Omropfryslan/Jacob Stienstra)

This documentary, broadcast ten years after the end of World War II and fifteen years after the bombing of Rotterdam, looks back on a decade-and-a-half of occupation, liberation and reconstruction in the Netherlands. The programme was written by Bob Uschi, who is regarded as the “founding father of the modern Dutch radio documentary”. In vintage radio style, Uschi narrates the sweeping pageant of events stretching from the German invasion, hunger and the Holocaust to the Marshall Plan, Dutch post-war economic policy and the proud and robust prosperity of the 50’s.

Producer: Bob Uschi

Presenters: Ken Haslem, Guus van der Steen & Ray Orchard

Broadcast: 10 May 1955

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