Remembering the Second World War in the Netherlands: Historical sound from the 1950’s- Part 3, Remembering the food droppings in The Hague

Food Dropping in Holland at the end of the war(©Wikimedia)

The failure of the Battle of Arnhem in September 1944 meant that the northern and western provinces of the Netherlands remained under German occupation, and the notorious Hunger Winter set in. It is estimated that some 20 thousand people died in the famine after they were cut off from food. The Germans allowed the Allies to carry out an airlift of food to the starving population of the big cities on the condition that the Allies would not bomb the German positions.
The Hague celebrated the 10th anniversary of this humanitarian mission, known as Operation Manna and Chowhound, with a memorable air show involving sirens and dozens of Lancasters, Dakotas, Thunder jets, Lincolns and British Meteors dropping flowers and leaflets on the jubilant crowds.

Presenter: H. George Franks

Broadcast: 29 April 1955

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