Press Conference with Queen Beatrix (Washington DC, 20 April 1982)

Queen Beatrix delivers a speech on the White House lawn, April 19, 1982 ( © 1982 ANP Historisch Archief)

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands made a state visit to the United States in 1982, the year that marked the bicentennial of Dutch-American diplomatic ties. After a state dinner with president Ronald Reagan at the White House, she was invited the next day to answer questions at the National Press Club in Washington. Relations between the Netherlands and the U.S. have always been very good, but as this unedited tape of the Washington press conference shows, Queen Beatrix was subjected to a number of sensitive political questions about such matters as the Dutch peace movement and Dutch resistance to the stationing of cruise missiles at the time, questions that were also partly answered by Dutch ministers accompanying the monarch. Beatrix also answers questions about her family life and the monarchy, and her husband prince Claus also adds a few touching words.

Recorded at the National Press Club in Washington DC on April 20, 1982/ B498105.02