Pete Myers interviews Willem Duys (1993)

This programme is part of the series Pete Myers' interviews
Willem Duys, right, with Charles Aznavour in 1980 (© Wikimedia)

Duke Ellington called him “my European son”. He was one of the leading presenters of music entertainment in the Netherlands: the iconic Dutch TV host Willem Duys (1928-2011). In this 1993 interview, Duys tells Pete Myers how he fell in love with the legends of American musical entertainment as a young man and ended up in world of music recording and television. He became personally acquainted with many of the very greats he worshipped: the Duke, Crosby, Benny Goodman, Leonard Bernstein. And he loves to tell the story of the absolute fiasco that exploded on his live show when Stephane Grapelli and Sarah Vaughan just happened to share the same stage with…Marlene Dietrich.

Interviewer:  Pete Myers

Broadcast: October 13, 1993

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