Out of the Blue: Progressive rock of the 1970’s: Parts 4 and 5 – David Bowie

This programme is part of the series Out of the Blue
David Bowie (© Flickr/Elvert Barnes)

“Out of the Blue” was a series of broadcasts produced in the mid-1970’s on the sound and development of progressive rock. In this double bill, we feature the first solo rock superstar of the decade, David Bowie. Born David Jones, the queen of fag rock, as he was called at first, shocked the scene with his skin-tight space attire, lavender eye shadow and metallic nail polish, but behind all the electric glitter and the cosmic dance routine, there was also a great musician who was destined to become a legend.

Presenter: Nevil Gray

Producer: Donald Nijsen

Broadcast: December 1, 1976

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