Great balls of fire: Popular music in the 1950’s, Part 6 – 1955

This programme is part of the series Great Balls of Fire
Elvis Presley performing in Tupelo, Mississippi in the mid-1950’s (© Wikimedia Commons)

In this nine-part radio essay, Pete Myers tells the stories behind the music and the people that created the sounds of the 1950’s. This was the decade in which rock ‘n roll burst upon the world, but it was also a time of memorable recordings by the likes of B.B. King and Nat King Cole, of Edith Piaf and Mario Lanza, Patti Page and Frank Sinatra. It was also a decade of outstanding instrumental and popular orchestra music from such stars as Mantovani and Henry Mancini.

Part 6 – 1955: The Four Aces were back with “Love is a many Splendored Thing”, the McGuire Sisters made their breakthrough and teenage girls fell in love with Pat Boone. But the wild and rambunctious side of the 50’s was never far away, and this was the year of Little Richard’s first million-selling recording “Tutti Frutti” and Chuck Berry’s “Maybelline”.

Producer: Pete Myers

Broadcast: March 1, 1991

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