Earth Beat: War and its effect on the environment

Marsh Arabs in a mashoof
Marsh Arabs in a mashoof (© Hassan Janali, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers)

Earth Beat, a.k.a. “clean green radio”, was a weekly programme about our impact on the planet and its impact on us.

There’s probably no human activity more destructive to ourselves and the environment than war. This programme features some unusual stories about nature and conflict, stories that go beyond the clichés of scorched earth and burnt out buildings.

The first is a tale of about how the environment in the marshes of southern Iraq was used as a weapon and how one man made it his mission to try and erase the scars left on this landscape. Then a story about the role rats play in detecting landmines and the lasting effects of the First World War on the landscape of Flanders.  

The programme won a bronze medal at the New York Radio Festivals in 2012. 

Producers: Christopher Chambers, Anik See, Fiona Campbell and Marijke Peters.

Presenter: Marnie Chesterton.

Broadcast: January 5, 2012.