Dutch Horizons: Opus one

The fiddler can be found in the foyer of the Stopera concert hall, on the edge of Amsterdam’s Waterlooplein. Placed in secrecy overnight in 1991, the statue is of a large head and hand holding a violin bursting through the tile floor of the building. (© Flickr/ frankfp47)

Bertine Krol’s very first edition of Dutch Horizons, a weekly programme on the Netherlands,  features three items:

  1. Bertine interviews in his workshop Dutch master violin builder Jaap Bolink. The report includes string music especially composed for an ensemble of brand-new instruments to show how good they sound. 
  2. Item on the maximum security prison in Vught, based on a book with profiles of inmates showing what life is like in institutions like this one.
  3. David Swatling talks to Simon Schama about his latest opus: “Rembrandt’s Eyes”. 

Producer: Bertine Krol

Broadcast: October 1, 1999