Confronting Fear of Flying

As beautiful as it looks in the sky, for some people on board it is a horrendous experience (©Flickr/Bernal Saborlo)

According to psychologists, one out of three people are likely to develop a fear of flying, most likely during particularly stressful periods of their lives. Flying phobia is often an expression of underlying fears, such as claustrophobia, fear of heights, fear of water or losing control. Addressing these fears first and understanding how fear works, will make it easier to treat a fear of flying.

Last summer Hélène Michaud decided it was time to confront her fear of flying. The treatment consisted of individual sessions with a trained psychologist. The flight was planned months in advance, but in fact took place just one week after September 11th. This is the story of a personal confrontation with fear.

Producer: Hélène Michaud

Broadcast: April 5, 2002