Camp Westerbork’s List: Waiting for deportation

Camp Westerbork, Boulevard des Misères
Camp Westerbork, Boulevard des Misères (© Historiek)

For more than two years during World War II, Camp Westerbork served as a transit point in the northeast of the Netherlands for the deportation of Dutch Jews and Roma to Nazi extermination camps in Germany, Poland and Czechoslovakia. From this place, over 100,000 people departed in weekly trains on the road to death. The Westerbork train arrived every Monday evening, and the names were read out of the inmates who would have to leave on the train Tuesday morning. Among them was young Anne Frank and the seven people with whom she had lived in hiding in Amsterdam until the Gestapo found them and took them away. Today the site is a memorial.

Producer: Chris Chambers

Broadcast: May 18, 2005