Beatrix: A silver year for the House of Orange

Inauguration of Queen Beatrix in Amsterdam in April 1980 (© Wikimedia)

This programme was broadcast to mark Queen Beatrix’s 25th anniversary on the Dutch throne in April of 2005. It looks at her role as head of state and member of the government and her perceived power and influence. Among those assessing the royal career of this most managerial of Dutch monarchs are journalist and writer Harry van Wijnen, Senator Erik Jurgens, D’66 MP Boris van der Ham, and Leiden University rector Douwe Breimer. Archive sound includes clips from Beatrix’s speeches in English in Israel, Indonesia and the United States, her speech in German for the Karlspreis and her acceptance of an honorary doctorate from Leiden University, Queen’s Day in Meppel and protests following the murder of Dutch director Theo van Gogh.

Producer: Marijke van der Meer

Broadcast: April  30, 2005