Basement sessions: Historic Dutch jazz recordings, Part 5

This programme is part of the series Basement Sessions: Historic Dutch Jazz Recordings
Wim Overgaauw with Pim Jacobs at the piano and vocalist Rita Reys in the 1960’s (© Geheugen van Nederland/Hans Katan)

Producer David Swatling and host Hans Mantel delve into the Radio Netherlands’ jazz archives. In this programme, live recordings at Nick Vollebrecht’s Jazz Café in Laren, with the Pim Jacobs Trio, including the 1994 session marking the 65th birthday of one of the leading jazz guitarists of his generation, Wim Overgaauw (1929-1995). He and Pim Jacobs (1934-1996) were two of the leading lights of post-war Dutch swing. Also featured: Nueva Manteca, the leading Cuban jazz orchestra in the Netherlands.

Producer: David Swatling

Host: Hans Mantel

Broadcast: August 7, 2004

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