African short stories: The Golden Windmill Competition

Nairobi, Kenya
Nairobi, Kenya (©Flickr/Mwangi Kirubi)

In 1971, Radio Nederland organised a short story competition for African writers under the age of 30. The first prize, a gold-plated model of a Dutch windmill and a trip to the Netherlands was won by Rasheed A. Gbadamosi from Nigeria for his story “Sunset over Nairobi”, read by Eddie Williams.

Presenter: Harry Kliphuis

The silver medal was awarded to Nathan Okonkwo Nkala, also from Nigeria, for his story “Drums and voice of death”, read by Jimi Solanke. 

Nigeria’s Taiwo Okusanya received the bronze medal for his story entitled “Bought”, which is read by Jimi Solanke. 

If a fourth prize had been awarded, it may well have gone to Ghana’s F. A. Wordie for “The Thoughts from an Orphan”, which is read by Jimi Solanke.

Radio Nederland received nearly 1000 entries for its Golden Windmill Competition. Among them was “Tereza” by Salim S. Nanji from Uganda. It is read by Alex Tetelatey. 

Another one of the noteworthy entries was “The Iroko tree” by Oludare Ogundiminegha from Nigeria. It is read by Alex Eddie Williams. 

“Blood at Sunset” was the entry of Vikito Segun Olusa from Nigeria. It is read by Alex Tetelatey.

19-year-old Samnuel Okunubi from Nigeria sent in a story entitled “The round-worm story”. It is read by Jimi Solanke.

The final story to be featured in the 1971 Golden Windmill Competition is “The Old Man” by George E. Ayivie Jr. from Ghana. It is read by Alex Tetelatey.