Afroscene: Interview with Prince Nico Mbarga

This programme is part of the series Afroscene
Prince Nico Mbarga and his band (from the cover of one of his Decca albums) (© Flickr)

Prince Nico Mbarga, born in Nigeria in 1950, was a highlife musician, renowned for his hit song “Sweet Mother”, which he recorded with his band Rocafil Jazz in 1976. It was his only really big hit,  sold more than 13 million copies and is regarded as one of Africa’s greatest songs. Sometimes it has even been called “Africa’s anthem”. Prince Nico Mbarga was killed in a motorcycle accident on 24 June 1997.

On one of his tours in England in the 1980’s, Ann Bolsover spoke with him for Radio Netherlands’ “Afroscene”.

Interview: Ann Bolsover


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