Afroscene: Political highlights from 1985

This programme is part of the series Afroscene
Jaafar Nimeiry, Sudan’s president who was overthrown in 1985 (© Wikipedia)

Highlights from the 1985 Afroscene season:

  1. John Hammond (1933-2012) lists all the (attempted) coups in the continent that year – November 1985

  2. Reverend Beyers-Naudé, Secretary General of the South African Council of Churches on apartheid – June 1985

  3. Winnie Mandela in IKON documentary on her 22nd wedding anniversary, talking very movingly about her love for her husband, Nelson – June 1985

  4. East Africa correspondent, Koert Lindijer, talks to Tanzania’s President Julius Nyerere on development aid and the debt issue – March 1985

  5. Dutch Nobel Peace Prize winner Jan Tinbergen discusses development aid – February 1985

  6. Veronica Wilson’s feature on the Royal Tropical Institute at 75, its history, its work today, plus people in the field who did research

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