Afroscene: African musicians 1984-1985

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Johnny Clegg (© Group de Besanez)
The weekly Afroscene programme frequently featured African music. The 1984-1985 season was no exception. Here’s a selection of some of the people John Hammond (1933-2012) and Veronica Wilson interviewed.

John Collins is a British-born guitarist who became involved in the West African music scene. He spoke to John Hammond about his book “African Pop Roots” and fusion music from Nigeria and Ghana.

The second part of the interview with author John Collins.

In July 1984, John Hammond interviewed Nigerian singer and musician Chief Ebenezer Obey and Zimbabwean musician Thomas Mafumo.

In April 1985, Radio Netherlands’ South African correspondent spoke to acclaimed South African singer Johnny Clegg about Juluka, the South African band he formed together with Sipho Mchunu. Juluka, which means sweat in Zulu, was closely associated with the anti-apartheid movement. 

Finally, a report on a group of spirit mediums from Zimbabwe which took part in an exhibition, called Ancestral Voices, at the Commonwealth Institute in Britain.



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