AMREF Flying Doctors

AMREF Flying Doctors in Tanzania (© AMREF Flying Doctors)

Hélène Michaud presents a special edition of A Good Life focusing on the AMREF Flying Doctors in Africa. One of the pioneers was a French woman, Dr. Anne Spoerry (1918-1999), who retired at 80. It was with her that Dutch Prince Willem-Alexander spent a summer flying and helping with her clinics. We also hear about AMREF, the African Medical Research Foundation, as well as Pilots without Borders, an international organisation that provides professional pilots for aid and relief organisations throughout the world. Then there is a new generation of flying doctors offering specialised services, such as INTERPLAST, a group of plastic surgeons who fly out to perform reconstructive surgery for people with severe burns or cleft palates.

Producer: Hélène Michaud

Broadcast: November 8, 1995