A golden anniversary celebration – Radio Netherlands’ 50th anniversary: Part 3, the 50’s

This programme is part of the series A Golden Anniversary Celebration
The Radio Netherlands building in Hilversum
The Radio Netherlands’ building in Hilversum (© RNW)

In this comprehensive audio compilation of what was achieved in the first 50 years of the Dutch external radio broadcaster, part three of an eight-part series presented by Pete Myers on the history of Radio Netherlands. Our programmes were broadcast back then by several dozen radio stations that were in our partner network. Part 3 deals with Radio Netherlands’ coverage of the 1950’s. This included the devastating floods that hit Holland in 1953 and the uprising in Hungary in 1956.

The series was recorded in November 1996 and broadcast in February 1997. Pete Myers wrote the series together with translator and researcher Luc Lucas. They used material from the Radio Netherlands sound archives, as well as recordings that from the broadcast collection of Media Network hosted by Jonathan Marks.

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